Technology meets fish

This has been the closest that I have been to the water if you don’t count having a bath.
What is it?
My sushi order.

Conveyor belt sushi (“Guruguruzushi” or “Kaitenzushi”) with a touch panel screen where you order sushi plates at your leisure. The “shinkansen” bullet train arrives at the table via the Pre-order Conveyor belt. You collect your order and then push the button so the train goes back to the chef for the next order. Childish sounding I know, but it is so much fun. Who said I had to grow up?
Technology meets fish.

But wait there’s more…
When it comes time to pay you call the waiter/waitress by pushing a call button. They scan the plates with a hand scanner and then the bill is calculated.
There is an IC chip in each plate. The plates are colour coded depending on the cost of your order. You pile up the plates like in the picture so they can calculate easily. This is the way.
What a brilliant way of using chip technology.
Didn’t need my rod for this meal.

Restaurant: Morimorizushi
Type: Sushi
Seating: Booth or counter
Taste: 5 ***** / Excellent
Pride: Local fish, local rice, local vinegar, local soya sauce
Location: Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan (The Japan Sea side not too far from Kyoto)

iOS 6 update

Just a reminder to those who use their iPad or iPhone at sea that there is an update, a small one, that is worthwhile downloading.

Don’t forget the waterproof pouch. Where would I go without my iPad? I think I prefer it to my computer, yet I say this writing on my computer. So that makes me a hypocrite. Doesn’t it? So what.

Enjoy the weekend!