Nordhavn 40 Portuguese Bridge

Nordhavn40Portuguese.pngNordhavn40portugese.pngA Portuguese bridge is a safe walled area or bulwark on the superstructure which provides protection from weather and waves. It is between the fore deck and the pilothouse. The water is deflected by the Portuguese bridge instead of hitting the pilothouse windows with full force. They are self-draining.
Nordhavn, Alaskan,  deFever, Roughwater seem to be the only recreational trawlers that have this feature.
Such a brilliant idea to have this extra safety barrier on a boat. I like it.

Nordhavn 40 propeller

4 blade propeller for a Lugger L-668 naturally aspirated 105 HP Diesel Engine
The keel of the Nordhavn 40 Mk II has a fully enclosed shoe.
The protection for the propeller is superb.
This is the ideal keel in my humble opinion.
Protection to the propeller saves money on repairs if you end up somewhere too shallow, hit rocks. Prevention beats repairs hands down. Think of the time a boat may be on the hardstand while repairs are made. Valuable summer time when you could have been on the water. Avoided if you had a full shoe.
The only thing I would add to this for peace of mind would be a prop shaft line cutter. Again preventing your propeller from stopping with tangled rope or fishing lines. Beware they are sharp but because of the full shoe if you were swimming below inspecting your boat you have the aid of the shoe to help avoid putting your hand near the cutter blade.








SELENE: The goddess of the moon, drives a chariot pulled by two winged horses across the sea.

Selene Yachts are made by Jet Tern Marine, a Taiwanese company with the manufacturing of the boats done in China, which are then shipped to customers around the world.

A nice looking trawler style boat similar in shape to the Nordhavn and the Kadey Krogen.
For more detailed specifications look here.

PROS: spacious engine room, island master berth, separate shower, full guest stateroom with head
“The Selene 45 is the only Pilothouse trawler with a length over all below 15 meters which enables her to sail the big European rivers without any river-license.”
The Selene 42: “Walk around decks and cockpit are large and fore deck design allows for anchors to be safely deployed and retrieved and is marked by a heavy duty stainless steel Samson post”

(Selene 42 Euro Deck with the main stateroom forward is a different layout than the Selene 42.) Personally I prefer the aft stateroom for a better night’s sleep but it seems for ease of flow from the galley to dining to deck the reverse layout is the norm. But then I want to go fishing too…)

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Selene 42 Euro Deck (location of the master stateroom is forward)