The Queen’s Chain

What is a Chain?
It is a unit of measurement, a chain length, one hundred links made up one chain length, equivalent to 20.1m in metric length.

In New Zealand roads were traditionally the width of one chain within the cities, and between cities or large towns, three chains wide. Property was commonly divided into quarter acre sections and these were measured in lengths of chain, 1 x 2.5 chains.

What is the Queen’s Chain?
In New Zealand the Queen’s Chain is the length of one chain(20m) from the high tide mark towards the the centre of a body of water, lake, river and foreshore. This area between the high tide mark and the body of water is public land. At low tide anyone can legally access the narrow strip of land between low and high tide to get to where they are going. It is not trespassing. Note: there are some areas of land in New Zealand which are privately owned land where the Queen’s Chain does not apply.

What are Riparian Rights?
Riparian rights is ownership of a body of water to halfway, to the centre of a river and/or to the centre of a lake. Where there are multiple owners with riparian rights then the body is divided into wedges like pizza slices. Riparian rights only cover lakes and rivers. There are no riparian rights along a foreshore in New Zealand.

Riparian rights allow the owner to use the body of water for recreational pursuits such as swimming, fishing or boating, the right to take water for domestic use and for stock.


Safer Boating Week launched


©Maritime New Zealand

“October 17–24 has been declared Safer Boating Week this year, in what will become an annual focus on keeping boaties safe in the lead up to Labour Weekend – the traditional time to get boats and gear ready for summer.”*1

“The vast majority of recreational boating fatalities do occur on boats under 6m. It’s simply a fact that you are more vulnerable on small boats.”*2

“A total of 23 boaties died on the water last year. The same number had died this year as of yesterday.”*3


* Check your boat

* Wear your life jacket

* Take two forms of waterproof communication equipment

* Check the maritime weather forecast

* Avoid alcohol

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The Royal Akarana Yacht Club Coastal Cruising Handbook 11th Edition – Book

Title: The Royal Akarana Yacht Club Coastal Cruising Handbook
Author: The Royal Akarana Yacht Club
Publisher: The Royal Akarana Yacht Club
Date Published: 2012, 11th Edition
Pages: 312
Price: NZ$55.00 (Smart Marine) Hardcover

A Cruising guide for Cape Reinga to Cape Kidnappers on the east coast of the North Island, New Zealand.
An informative guide on anchorages and services.
Best to buy the latest edition as information is updated regularly.First published in 1972.