A boat on a boat

I was eating watermelon anchored in the bay when I spied a boat on a boat. I just had to take a photograph.
We have been looking at moorings and marinas and boats. Every time we go we learn something new. And we see something new from the previous time through new eyes. We spot the boat differences, shapes of the hulls, the presence or absence of a furling sail. The moorings with fingers. It is a whole new world that is opening up to us. It is enjoyable.

BVI yachting charters

British Virgin Islands (BVI)

In the Caribbean, east of Puerto Rico
Official Language: English
Currency: US Dollar
Population: 28,600



Compass Point Yacht       www.compasspointyacht.com
Conch Charters                  conchcharters.co.uk
Dream Yacht                      dreamyachtcharter.com
Footloose                             footloosecharters.com
Horizon Yacht                    horizonyachtcharters.com
Moorings                              moorings.com
The Captain’s Compass   thecaptainscompass.com
Sail Online                           www.sailonline.com
Seabbatical                          longtermcharters.com
Sun Sail                                 www.sunsail.com

Parks Permit
There is a charge for using the moorings in the National Parks. $6/day, $50/week or $150 for 1 year.

Cruising Permit
Private Vessels

Private boats are automatically given up to 30 days to cruise around the BVI. A 30 day cruising fee is charged which is based on tonnage (with a maximum of $55).  After 1 month, there is a Temporary Importation fee of $200. This covers the yacht for 1 year.  For more information call Customs on (284) 494-3475.

Charter Vessels
A cruising permit is required for all charter yachts cruising in the British Virgin Islands.
Seasonal Rates (December 1 – April 30): All recorded charter boats – $2.00 per person per day. All non-recorded charter boats – $4.00 per person per day.
Out-of-Season Rates (May 1 – November 30): All recorded charter boats – $0.75 per person per day. All non-recorded charter boats – $4.00 per person per day.

Visiting crewed charter boats also have to pay a departure tax of US$4 per person. Charter licence annual fee from $400 (under 40 ft (12 m)) to $800 (over 50 ft (15 m). Overtime must be paid for customs clearance outside 0830-1630 Monday to Friday, 0830-1230 Saturdays and on public holidays.

Last updated January 2014.

Clearance Procedures at BVI Marine Guide

Permit Information sourced at http://www.noontide.com