Help, my deadline keeps running far far away

I love widgets and  the milestone function. I do however I find that the date is far too easy to change. If you have been reading my blog you may have noticed that the date keeps changing on my Day Skipper’s Test and not in a good way. In my zealousness for adding more widgets this also applies to the VHF Radio Test as well.

The deadline keeps moving further away. It’s a bit like that piece of paper you drop on a windy day and you bend down to pick it up and it races a few steps away, you run over to it and are within reach and again the wind gust comes up and off the paper goes again. Well I am running after my little piece of paper at the moment.

I can’t blame it on the wind, can’t blame it on anyone. I have been out of the country. And when you travel you are just so doggone tired that the thought of reading is enough to put you out like a light. I was asleep by 8pm the first week. Back to my childhood sleep patterns. You do what you have to do. I did photograph each page so I could take away the material to study instead of having to carry a book. And in my rush to do so in bad light some of the pages were hardly the best camera angles or clarity. I wish they had a pdf copy of the data to buy instead of paper sometimes.

I even took along with me a short piece of rope to practice knot tying. Really. I could just have used a shoelace you were thinking, weren’t you… My shoes have zips. I was lucky they didn’t stop me at customs and inquire the purpose of the rope. Scissors and water bottles are banned so why not rope too? I took it as carry on. Again really. I thought movies catch up time was far more important and relegated my rope to remain in my bag for the entire journey. No that’s not true. I did get it out once to do a reef knot to see if the length was long enough. It was. I never was much good at prioritising.  It’s funny how innocent everyday objects now have become dangerous. Life has become more complicated. I prefer simple.

The intentions were good but I just didn’t get around to reading it while away. I am back and I am determined to get back on track. The deadline might jump ahead again but as long as I am chasing it I will get there in the end.
Note to self: Make one milestone at a time.