A welcome sight on the sea

Birds on the sea are a welcome sight. It means fish are in the area. Drop those lines off the back of the boat if you haven’t already. You don’t need GPS to alert you on this one. Don’t forget your natural instincts, don’t rely on modern technology, use your eyes, your sixth sense, your common sense. Be safe. Be well fed! Happy Fishing. 🙂


When spite of cormorant devouring Time


Latin Name: Phalocrocorax carbo novaehollandiae
Common Name: cormorant, black shag, black cormorant, great cormorant
Size: 90cm
Abundance: Abundant
Location: Everywhere, coastal, harbours, rivers, estuaries

I was fishing for snapper and I caught one. It was too small in size for the quota and so I carefully removed the hook with pliers and threw the undersized snapper back into the sea. You know what happened next. I wasn’t expecting it. The cormorant that was lurking nearby quickly grabbed the snapper into its mouth and opened wider and wider and swallowed it whole in one gulp. I watched in amazement. It was not a tiny fish yet not big enough for me to keep but all the same it was about three times or so the width of the neck of the bird. He swallowed it so easily and quickly. He looked so pleased with himself. I was impressed and in awe.  I just just kept repeating, “he ate my fish! Did you see that!” and then speechless for a few moments as time passed me by.

I swore I saw a little blue penguin. I did. I did.

Photo by Glen Webber / www.glen.co.nz.

We were out on the water last week and on our way back home I thought I saw a penguin in the water, not a huge giant Emperor penguin but a little blue penguin. I swung the boat around and did a wide sweep and found nothing but doubts. When I got home I checked out whether I would have been dreaming or not and yes they are found along the coastline of New Zealand and Southern Australia. And they have been sighted near Brown’s Island (Moukorea) and we were near there so I wasn’t seeing a figment of my imagination.
Finding wildlife and being able to identify it is a very satisfying feeling.
They are the smallest penguin in the world.

UPDATE: I saw another little blue penguin today. They are solitary birds. I say that with my limited experience. I have seen two little blue penguins ever! They were by themselves. It could very well have been the same bird. Today’s sighting was on the eastern side of Waiheke Island.  I tried to take a photo of it but it kept diving and all I took were great shots of water. How did you get such a clear closeup shot, Glen?

Little Blue Penguin in depth
Penguin Sighted