BVI yachting charters

British Virgin Islands (BVI)

In the Caribbean, east of Puerto Rico
Official Language: English
Currency: US Dollar
Population: 28,600



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Parks Permit
There is a charge for using the moorings in the National Parks. $6/day, $50/week or $150 for 1 year.

Cruising Permit
Private Vessels

Private boats are automatically given up to 30 days to cruise around the BVI. A 30 day cruising fee is charged which is based on tonnage (with a maximum of $55).  After 1 month, there is a Temporary Importation fee of $200. This covers the yacht for 1 year.  For more information call Customs on (284) 494-3475.

Charter Vessels
A cruising permit is required for all charter yachts cruising in the British Virgin Islands.
Seasonal Rates (December 1 – April 30): All recorded charter boats – $2.00 per person per day. All non-recorded charter boats – $4.00 per person per day.
Out-of-Season Rates (May 1 – November 30): All recorded charter boats – $0.75 per person per day. All non-recorded charter boats – $4.00 per person per day.

Visiting crewed charter boats also have to pay a departure tax of US$4 per person. Charter licence annual fee from $400 (under 40 ft (12 m)) to $800 (over 50 ft (15 m). Overtime must be paid for customs clearance outside 0830-1630 Monday to Friday, 0830-1230 Saturdays and on public holidays.

Last updated January 2014.

Clearance Procedures at BVI Marine Guide

Permit Information sourced at

Safer Boating Week launched


©Maritime New Zealand

“October 17–24 has been declared Safer Boating Week this year, in what will become an annual focus on keeping boaties safe in the lead up to Labour Weekend – the traditional time to get boats and gear ready for summer.”*1

“The vast majority of recreational boating fatalities do occur on boats under 6m. It’s simply a fact that you are more vulnerable on small boats.”*2

“A total of 23 boaties died on the water last year. The same number had died this year as of yesterday.”*3


* Check your boat

* Wear your life jacket

* Take two forms of waterproof communication equipment

* Check the maritime weather forecast

* Avoid alcohol

Maritime New Zealand*1 *2
New Zealand Herald*3

Kadey-Krogen 44 AE


Exterior ©


galley, pilot house, saloon ©


stateroom, library and engine room©


flybridge ©

The Krogen 44AE replaced the Krogen 44 in 2012, “new are the full walk-thru cockpit boarding doors, walk-in engine room access, a companion seat next to the helm chair on the flybridge plus corner bench seating with a table perfect for entertaining, and the galley’s repositioned starboard-side four-burner Viking range and an 18-cubic foot refrigerator”.* (AE stands for Advanced Ergonomics.) “LED lighting and a new engine room ventilation system utilizing intake and exhaust axial fans with moisture eliminators.”** There are several layout that you can choose from, whether you want to be able to walk right around your board or not, whether you want bunk beds for guests,etc…
This size, the 44, is the most popular. I can see why.

Length Overall (LOA) 49′ 0″
Length On Deck (LOD) 44′ 4″
Length at Waterline (LWL) 40′ 11″
Beam (Molded) 15′ 6″
Beam (Over Rub Rail) 16′ 4″
Draft (Designed Water Line – DWL) 4′ 6″
Displacement ( at DWL) 43,140 lb.
Ballast (Encapsulated Lead) 2,500 lb.
Fuel 850 gal.
Water 300 gal.
Hull Fibreglass
Engine 1
Approximate Bridge Clearance:
with Mast Up 23′ 3″
with Mast Down 13′ 8″ (DWL to top of flybridge coaming)
with Radar Arch Up 19′ 7″
with Radar Arch Down 14′ 1″

6 knots: 4,450 Nautical Miles
7 knots: 3,000 Nautical Miles
8 knots: 1,900 Nautical Miles
9 knots: 1,250 Nautical Miles
NOTE: Calculated with a 10% fuel reserve.
Ranges are approximate.

Kadey Krogen Yachts was founded in 1977 by naval architect Jim Krogen and yacht broker Art Kadey. The trawlers are full displacement boats, economical, capable to cross oceans. The boats are built in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Boats are built to order from Krogen 44 to Krogen 58. The Krogen 39 is no longer produced.

REVIEW 2008 44
REVIEW 2006 44

On my page “The One” I have a photograph of the Kadey Krogen 44AE. A girl can but dream.
Good layout, flow through.
Good space.
Large central queen bed in the stateroom.
The engine room is a walk in.
There is a library.
Sun shade aft to fish or sit and read a book.
Two seats on the flybridge.
Booth seating for dining.

You don’t see any late Kadey Krogen trawlers for sale. There are currently no secondhand Kadey Krogen 44 or 44AE for sale. There is a reason for that, the owners like them so much they don’t want to sell them. People retire to live aboard the boat. It’s a big decision. To sell the house and all your worldly goods and exchange that all for an adventure of a lifetime? Most never look back, they’re having too good a time away in their new home.

Kadey Krogen 44 (2009)

Specification Source:

A welcome sight on the sea

Birds on the sea are a welcome sight. It means fish are in the area. Drop those lines off the back of the boat if you haven’t already. You don’t need GPS to alert you on this one. Don’t forget your natural instincts, don’t rely on modern technology, use your eyes, your sixth sense, your common sense. Be safe. Be well fed! Happy Fishing. 🙂








SELENE: The goddess of the moon, drives a chariot pulled by two winged horses across the sea.

Selene Yachts are made by Jet Tern Marine, a Taiwanese company with the manufacturing of the boats done in China, which are then shipped to customers around the world.

A nice looking trawler style boat similar in shape to the Nordhavn and the Kadey Krogen.
For more detailed specifications look here.

PROS: spacious engine room, island master berth, separate shower, full guest stateroom with head
“The Selene 45 is the only Pilothouse trawler with a length over all below 15 meters which enables her to sail the big European rivers without any river-license.”
The Selene 42: “Walk around decks and cockpit are large and fore deck design allows for anchors to be safely deployed and retrieved and is marked by a heavy duty stainless steel Samson post”

(Selene 42 Euro Deck with the main stateroom forward is a different layout than the Selene 42.) Personally I prefer the aft stateroom for a better night’s sleep but it seems for ease of flow from the galley to dining to deck the reverse layout is the norm. But then I want to go fishing too…)

REVIEW: Selene Yachts from here.
REVIEW: Yatchting Magazine of Selene 66 here.
REVIEW: Talk of the Deck of Selene 47 here.

DISCUSSION: on comparing the Selene with the Nordhavn here.

Selene Trawlers home.(US) or home (Europe)

Selene Owners Forum, etc…. here check out the Selene Cruising Blogs

Selene 42 Euro Deck (location of the master stateroom is forward)

Voyaging Under Power 4th Edition- Book



Title: Voyaging Under Power
Author: Robert P. Beebe & Denis Umstot
Publisher: International Marine/Ragged Mountain Press
Date Published: January 16, 2013
Pages: 448 pages (Hardcover)
Price: NZ$40.08 (Book Depository)

Guide to cross the oceans and see the world in comfort and safety.

The Complete Anchoring Handbook: Stay Put on Any Bottom in Any Weather – Book



Title: The Complete Anchoring Handbook: Stay Put on Any Bottom in Any Weather
Author: Alain Poiraud, Achim Ginsberg-Klemmt, Erika Ginsberg-Klemmt
Publisher: International Marine/ Ragged Mountain Press
Date Published: 2007
Pages: 256
Price: US$11.49 ( Kindle Version

For sailing boats, planing boats and displacement boats. For everyone who wants to anchor in a bay and sleep well without waking up every few hours and getting up to check the anchor!
Has it dragged?
Will I hit the boat next door?
Am I going to hit the rocks in the night?
Whether you have an anchor on your boat already or you are looking at buying a boat this book will advise you in choosing the correct anchor for the conditions where you are anchoring and how to anchor properly. You may find it encouraging finding that you already have the right size,weight and style but if you have purchased this book or are thinking then perhaps your boat has already dragged in the night. Get a good night’s sleep with the right anchor. How about the chain? I have the kindle version but I may just get the paperback too.


Diesel Engine Handbook – Book

Title: Diesel Engine Handbook
Author: Andrew Simpson
Publisher: The Royal Yachting Association
Date Published: 2006
Pages: 94
Price: NZ$32.87 (Book Depository)
Extras: DVD included

The official course book for the RYA One-Day Diesel Engine Course.
A reference guide to understand and maintain your marine diesel engine.

How the Diesel Engine Works
Air System
Engine Cooling
Electrical System
Engine Controls
Starting and Stopping your engine
Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
How to do it
Emergency Procedures

The Weather Identification Handbook – Book

Title: The Weather Identification Handbook
Author: Storm Dunlop
Publisher: The Lyons Press
Date Published: 2002
Pages: 192
Price: NZ$20.40 (Book Depository)

See the sky and clouds with new eyes and enjoy the depth of greater knowledge. Recognise a
cumulus when you see one. See Guide to Weather Forecasting for further reading

Guide to Weather Forecasting – Book

Title: Guide to Weather Forecasting
Author: Storm Dunlop
Publisher: Firefly Books
Date Published: 2010
Pages: 176
Price: NZ$24.02 (Book Depository)

“A practical guide to understanding, observing, and forecasting the weather.”
Loads of pictures, charts and diagrams to help in the pursuit of weather forecasting. We can look up at the sky and find the animals shapes in the clouds but to be able to ‘read’ the clouds will make boating more fun, safer and give me something else to learn.

This is book is small and practical in the shape of a quick reference book but the content is detailed and in small print. You need to have good lighting to read this regardless of your age. You may find yourself reading over the same part again and again because the terminology is specialised rather than poorly explained. I like this book a lot. It is crammed with information and you can enjoy picking it up and opening it us to any page and learning something. You do not have to start at the beginning. As a beginner at weather forecasting I am enjoying the journey.

See also The Weather Identification Handbook