A complete novice, beginner, newbie, greenhorn, dummie when it comes to sailing and boating. But you have to start somewhere and this is where I must begin, ….at the bottom rung. I will be climbing and I will be soaking up the experience like a wet rag on a stormy day for I will one day sail the open seas and survive with my accumulated knowledge, the skin of my teeth, luck and practical abilities to work under the pressures that Mother Nature chooses to throw my way.
It could be calm seas and plain sailing but I am a realist.
Come join the fun, have a chuckle at my questions, relive your early memories of getting on a boat, tying yourself in knots laughing out loud.
I will skipper live aboard a sailing displacement boat and I will love every minute of it, from calm seas to howling gales.
Oh and I plan to fish for my supper too. I swear, you would rather put up with that, than my singing.
Thanks Billy Connolly, I plan to live up to your motto “Windswept and interesting.”

[Update: 26 January 2014] Sailing isn’t for me. Too many ropes to pull at the right time. And less comfortable to fish off a sailing boat, there’s little sun protection. Plus it’s hard to see outside when you are sitting at the table. Going for greater visibility, slower course and fishing over speed and elegance. Let’s get comfortable with navigation, charts, weather, boat handling and then I may change my mind.

[Update: 4 September 2018]
Day Skipper Course DONE.
Maritime VHF Radio Operator Certificate DONE.
Current Status: Boatless. Marina Berthless.
Intentions: Currently looking for a boat and a marina berth. Feeling picky. I know where I want the marina berth. I know the type of boat I want. I will wait for them to appear. I’m in no rush. To be honest, not right now is best. In a year’s time would be ideal.

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    • Bailey, lovely to find your blog too! The boat clearly makes you happy. We don’t have a 2nd mate yet. So impressed with your mum and her chart course. Seeing that reminded me of the course that I had set aside to do at my leisure. Well the course was filed and forgotten. It has since been retrieved. Back on course! Can’t wait to see what you do next.

  1. Hi there – I just noticed that you have a link to our blog (thecynicalsailor.blogspot.com) on your site. Thanks so much for adding us to your list! It looks like you are from NZ as well? We’ll be definitely following along with your adventures! Cheers – Ellen

  2. Thank you for dropping by and following our adventures. You are our 50th follower (we are new to this blogging thing)! Where are you based? We like your bucket list and can suggest a couple of additions: Lord Howe Island in the Tasman Sea and Port Davey in South West Tasmania, well all of Tassie really! Cheers – Chris and Wade

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