To trust a bow thruster

A bow thruster is a cylinder running through your hull at the bow (front end) of the boat, below the waterline, with propellers, to aid in the sideways movement of the boat. It helps in mooring the boat in the marina. For a larger vessel it allows the ship to enter harbours without a tug.

A bow thruster is an aid to help the skipper feel more comfortable handling his/her boat. It shouldn’t be relied on 100%. It is a back up. Nothing beats practice and lessons and good boat handling skills. Personally I like the idea of having one on the boat but it doesn’t mean I want to cut corners on learning how to handle my boat. It gives peace of mind with mooring, especially if there is an audience.

Things to consider before installing:
What kind of power do you have on your boat 12V, 24V?
Have a dedicated battery for the bow thruster?
Joy stick or buttons for the controls
Bow thruster needs to be low enough below the waterline
The further back you place it the larger the bow thruster you need to install
Do you really need one?
Would it be cheaper to get lessons how to handle your boat than buy/install/maintain a bow thruster?
What is the maintenance on a bow thruster?
What if it doesn’t work? What’s my back up plan?
Another gadget on the boat, can you fix it yourself? Can you afford to have it fixed?

Bow Thruster Brands:
Sleipner – Side Power
Max Power

A cautionary tale from someone who installed a bow thruster here.


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