Seriously a wee reality check here

Okay so I could look at boat listings all day long and be quite happy. I get that. But it will not get me any closer to living aboard a yacht, sailing along the coast, let alone the blue water pipe dream. Oh and don’t forget the idea of  buying a boat overseas and sailing it back… let me wipe the coffee you just spilled onto your keyboard, laughing, after a gulp. You should know better.

I know that I put up the Bucket Trip List and a carrot is a good thing.  However there are things that must be done before this dream becomes reality.  See my Training Section.

All I ask when sailing is to be:

  • SAFE
  • FAST

In order to do this I , no, we, need to learn a little bit before getting our feet wet.  We aren’t interested in going fast so cruising sounds ideal. Skill, skill and more skill required. You can have all the skill in the world and still capsize. Why am I mentioning about yachts capsizing? Well I know how easy it is to capsize in a dinghy and wondered if the same thing could happen to larger yachts…

Capsized 30 foot (9m) yacht lost its mast,  in winds 25 knots, swells about three metres, seven kilometres off coast of Tasmania, Australia here 24 March 2013
Rolled 38 foot (11.6m) yacht in conditions of 50mph (75kph) winds and 30ft waves 700km east of Tonga, South Pacific  here 11/11/2012
British man drowns after 30 foot (9m) yacht capsizes off the Coast Galacia in Spain here 15/10/12
Top ocean racing yacht capsizes with crew of 21 people  here 1/11/2012
34 foot (10m) yacht with 27 people on board, three drowned, Oyster Bay, New York, here, 4/7/2012

My condolences to those who have lost loved ones at sea.


6 thoughts on “Seriously a wee reality check here

  1. Sailed all around the Hawaiian island in a 29 foot CAL sailboat.
    Got caught in 35 knot winds, with seas 18 to 22 foot….so…..I can easily understand how boats flip over, and capsize. In the Alenuihaha channel (between Maui and the big island of Hawaii), there were waves curling and breaking onto our boat (as if we were on the beach). Really scary. There is someone who has posted a story online about sailing through the Alenuihaha channel. His experience sounds a lot like mine. I don’t think I would try it again. 😉 You can read his story here:

    • Thanks for sharing. I never realised that a wind tunnel formed between the islands in Hawaii. To never underestimate the power of the sea and wind! I think you can never be too cautious with water/weather. It is better to turn back or not leave today than to never come back at all. Sometimes the hardest decision is to decide to postpone or to cancel.

      • The hardest thing is if you are already out in the middle of the ocean….and the weather shifts to awful, and you can’t turn back because strong winds and rising seas won’t let you go much of anywhere but up and down. I will never forget the sound of the wind, and the sight of waves blocking the sun as we fought to stay in the trough.
        Obviously I didn’t drown or die, but it is not something that I would want to do again. Sailing on the ocean is definitely not all wine and cheese. 😉

      • Too true about already being out there. At the moment I think my subconscious thinks it is ALL wine and cheese, with the occasional course correction in light winds, and oh what a beautiful sunset… 🙂
        Sorry that I have made you relive those unpleasant moments. Some sights and sounds are hard to forget. But so pleased that you were able to live to tell the tale. We will stick to coastal boating for now. Gain some experience.

      • Not to worry. I have thought think about that time out there….on my own. There is more to the story. I had my teeth clenched so tight, it hurt. Unfortunately, no on had gum. And you can’t stop at the store in the middle of the ocean. )

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