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Catalina 387 yacht

Mass Production Yachts

Bavaria Yachtbau GmbH is a German boat builder, with its headquarters in Giebelstadt, Bavaria.  Production currently split into 60% sailing yachts and 40% motorboats. The shipyard produces yachts ranging from 28 to 55 feet,  built along mass production principles. With approximately 2,500 sailing and motor yachts produced each year by 600 employees, the Bavaria Yachtbau is one of Europe’s biggest yacht manufacturers. In 2008, the company moved from J&J Yacht Design to a collaboration of Farr Yacht Design and BMW Designworks.In June 2007 Bain Capital acquired Bavaria Yachtbau for a rumoured value of €1.3 billion.
A Match 42 lost a keel and one man died in 2005 regatta in Hungary.

Beneteau is a French boat builder with a substantial worldwide market share for sailing yachts, predominately in the United States, France and the United Kingdom. It has five factories in the Vendée region of France and one US plant in Marion, South Carolina. The Beneteau USA plant opened in 1986; since then the factory has nearly doubled in size to about 250,000 square feet (23,000 m2), with roughly 25 million of total capital invested in the US. This is considered to be an advanced marine factory; it is newer than most of its competitors factories. Their brands are Jeanneau, CNB, Lagoon, O’Hara, IRM, Microcar, EYB.

C&C Yachts is a Canadian boat builder of high performance Fiberglass monohull sloop-rigged Sailboats. It was founded in 1969 by a joint venture among several companies and design teams. In 1997, Fairport Yachts, builders of Tartan Yachts, assumed control of C&C.


Catalina Yachts is a U.S.-based boat builder of fiberglass Monohull sloop-rigged Sailboats ranging in sizes from eight to 47 feet in length. It was founded in 1969 in Hollywood, California by Frank Butler (founder).  Today Catalina has one production facility, in Largo Florida, the former home of Morgan Yachts (merged with Catalina).

Dufour Yachts is a French sailboat manufacturer which was founded in 1964 by designer Michael Dufour. Dufour Yachts in La Rochelle is exclusively dedicated to building sailing yachts. Dufour 36 Yacht of the Year 2013

Farr’s cruising yachts have been sold and sailed the world around. His production designs (mass-produced as opposed to custom) have been produced by a variety of yacht manufacturers including Cookson Boats, Carroll Marine, Beneteau, Concordia, Baltic and Nauta.

One of the three largest manufactures of yachts globally, Hanse Yachts part of HanseYachts AG is a German manufacturer of sail yachts and powerboats. The parent group comprises the Moody, Dehler, Varianta and Fjord brands.

Hunter Marine Corporation is a U.S.-based Sailboat builder, now called Marlow-Hunter, LLC., which also produces the Mainship Powerboat brand.

Island Packet
Island Packet Yachts is a United States-based builder of Sailing and powerboats. They are based in Largo, Florida. The incorporated name for the company is Traditional Watercraft, Inc. Production facilities are located on nine acres of ground with 125,000 square feet (11,600 m2) of covered manufacturing space in central Pinellas County. According to the company’s website, the name Island Packet Yachts is a subsidiary of Traditional Watercraft, Inc., founded by Naval architect Bob Johnson. Johnson is currently CEO and owner of the company.

A brand of Beneteau.
Henri Jeanneau’s boat building began in 1957. In 1961, Jeanneau’s first fibreglass powerboat made its début. The first Jeanneau sailboats were launched in 1964, and then pleasure cruising was brought to the masses in the 1970s. Today Jeanneau manufactures sail and power boats with 2500 employees and a network of over 300 distributors world-wide.

A brand of HanseYachts AG.
Swanwick on the River Hamble has been home to Moody-Yachts since the middle of the 18th century. Began building dinghys and fishing boats. Bill Dixon has been designing Moodys since 1981. HanseYachts AG has been the parent company of Moody since 2007.

Tim Jackett, Tartan’s in-house designer, set to work designing a new line of boats that would preserve the design characteristics and performance of the C&C brand. Since 1997, C&C Yachts has introduced four new models- the C&C 99, 110, 115, and 121, producing over 150 boats under the new leadership. In 2002, C&C built its entire line with post-cured, foam-cored epoxy hulls with uni-directional “E”-glass and carbon local reinforcements. Beginning in 2004, C&C started equipping all models with carbon-fiber masts as standard equipment.


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