Water water everywhere

Oh to cruise off into the sunset and stay away for a week or so, just along the coast and come back someday next week or stay longer if the weather is great or the fish are biting.

When buying a boat is the water tank below the waterline?
YES. Lucky you. You have a natural water cooling function. The lower the better to have a lower centre of gravity.

What size water tank is best?
Calculate 6-8 litres per person per day for a coastal cruise. So a week for 2 people is 112litres. Factor in showers, toilet, cooking, brushing teeth.

What material should the tank be, plastic or stainless steel?
If plastic then it needs to be Food Grade Polyethylene.
If stainless steel then use 316L Grade.

One large tank or two smaller ones?
Separate tanks offer advantages such as the reduced need for baffles. Two smaller tanks don’t “slosh” as much as a single larger tank, so the loads are reduced, allowing lighter construction.

Do you have a saltwater tap in the kitchen?
YES. Excellent.
No. Well all that precious fresh water that you brought on board doesn’t need to go down the plughole to wash plates.

Water leaks don’t just come from below on a boat they can just as easily come from above. To keep a watertight boat keep maintenance up to date on seals around portholes/portlights and hatches.

A seacock is a value on the hull of the boat allowing water/liquid to flow into/out of your boat. It is always above the waterline.
A seacock is used for a saltwater faucet, toilet, water coolant for the engine
When in port the seacock for the saltwater faucet may be manually opened and then closed when going to sea.
Water can enter the boat through a seacock that should be closed.


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