CO Detector


CO = Carbon Monoxide
A colourless, tasteless, odourless gas that could be formed from an engine, gas stove, gas oven or generator.

I was reading about using gas ovens and that if there is a carbon monoxide (CO) leak, your brain could become starved of oxygen and your thoughts jumbled and your concentration gone. Simple calculations cannot be performed. Or you just fall asleep and never wake up, death.
When the device detects CO it emits a high pitched sound, at 85 decibels, to alert you to the danger.
We want to be safe so I think this is a good safety measure to  have.
Hopefully a device that is never needed. Certainly worth the peace of mind.

Regular battery checks are advised.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm: First Alert CO400 Battery Powered
Warranty:  7 years
Alarm: 85 decibels
Batteries: 2 x AA included
Cost: US$18.49


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