Guess what it stands for…….Laugh Out Aboard?
Length Of Arm?
Emm. No, but close. We could be here all day, so I’ll just tell you.


LOA   See this and remember. If you acquire the right to use or rent a marina berth remember the LOA is all important.

So how long is a 40 foot berth really?
Is a 40 foot boat really 40 foot?
Does a 40 foot boat fit into a 40 foot berth?

Answers to  the above questions can be all answered by the words: It depends.

A 40 foot berth will usually be longer than 40 foot from the pier to the pole.

A boat might state on the plans length 39.5 feet but that is usually the length of the deck from bow to stern. The LOA is the length of the boat from bow to stern INCLUDING the anchor and the diving platform and the dinghy holder. It is the ultimate length and this is what is important for measuring whether your boat will fit into a certain sized berth or not. And remember you are supposed to leave a foot between the boat and the walkway to allow for movement.

A boat that is say 39.5 feet might actually have a LOA of 43 feet. If that were the case then it would be unsuitable for a 40 foot berth and would need to be moored in a longer berth.

In boating the longer the berth the more expensive the mooring charges, quite simply the bigger the boat, the bigger the expense. Same applies with maintenance.

LWL is LOAD WATERLINE LENGTH or WATERLINE LENGTH, the length of the boat when sitting in water, this will vary depending on the weather conditions, the load and the speed the vessel travels.


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