Oscar the John Dory pillow

International Flag Letter “O” for “OSCAR,” or the flag for “Man Overboard.”
Red and yellow triangles to form a square.

Our boat came with cushions., generic blue ones which are so small they do not warrant a position on the boat. They fill no  purpose. They need to be stored on land. Replacements have been made. Two of them. I have made them with pockets so that eye masks can be stored and non bulky things.  Colourful side for show and the other side for resting the head. I just used a regular pillow case and sewed on the coloured material. the John Dory fish image was screen printed.
Can’t wait to use them!

Eye masks are great if you want to have a lie in on the boat. Some days you just want an extra hour or two. Other days it is fun waking up with the sun. Depends on the day.




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