Under the stars, before five pines

Destination: Station Bay, Motutapu Island, Auckland, New Zealand
Location: Northeastern coast of Motutapu Island, north of Mullet Bay
Holding:  Thick mud bottom
Shelter:  Well sheltered from the Westerly winds, but very exposed to East and Northeasterly winds

I had been waiting for this event for a long time. The first overnight stay on board the boat.
Checking the weather for two consecutive days of lovely calm, checking the bays for shelter from the prevailing wind, preparing the boat with provisions. I think that I prepared so much that I made myself a little on the nervous side. Okay a lot nervous.
Worrying about the anchor, whether it would hold, would we be blown out to sea in the middle of the night, never to see land again?
Would we moor too near other boats and cause unrest amongst the cruisers?
Would we be able to sleep? Would we be raided by pirates?
Would we be eaten by mosquitoes?
Ah the imagination went into overdrive and got stuck in gear. The joys of over-thoughtfulness!
The overnighter was anticipated so much I think I exhausted myself! I really was looking forward to this, but I was mindful of all that could have gone wrong.

The weather was perfect.
The water was calm.
The other anchored vessels were amicable.
The anchoring went without a hitch.
I slept well.
The stars were clear and abundant.
I brought dinner and we dined well.
We caught some fish.
We used the white anchor light for the first time.
It was bliss.

There will never be a first night on the boat again. There will be a second night and a third night and many more. But it will never have the build up that this night had.
We were not raided by pirates.
We weren’t blown out to sea.
There were no mosquitoes.
I made sashimi for breakfast. Jack mackerel with shiso leaves, ginger and a splash of soya sauce.
It was perfect.

Next time I will sleep even better. Knowing now what I know I will sleep like a baby.


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