Aji Fry

Aji Fry / Crumbed Deep Fried Jack Mackerel

Jack mackerel
salt and pepper
deep fryer
brown sauce, Bulldog or HP

Heat the fryer.
Fillet the jack mackerel, remove the lateral line. (You don’t need to remove the bones along the spine with tweezers if frying.)
Salt and pepper the jack mackerel and set aside.
Prepare 3 dishes, one for flour, one for the egg whiske with a fork, and the other for the breadcrumbs.
Dip the fish first into the flour, next the egg and finally the bread crumbs.
Place in the fryer.
Remove once cooked. 2-3miutes or until golden brown.
Serve with brown sauce with a side of rice and vegetables.


2 thoughts on “Aji Fry

    • Bulldog is the traditional sauce if you eat aji fry Japanese style, but the taste is very similar to HP so give it a try. Tartare sauce is another option that is more the norm perhaps. It’s been too windy the last few and haven’t been fishing. Having withdrawls.

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