Oshizushi revisited

You know that cupboard in the kitchen that you have been meaning to clean out. Well I cleaned one of mine out and rediscovered my sushi making equipment.
I found the round wooden bowl for cooling the sushi rice and I found the wooden sushi presses for making blocks of sushi, oshizishi. Now the sushi looks more professional. *Remember to leave the plastic wrap on when you cut and remove before you eat. It makes slicing so much easier!

The rice in the wooden bowl cools down at a better rate when fanned. The rice should appear shiny.

The sushi box comes with three parts, a base, the sides and a lid. Before you place the fish and the rice into the mold line with plastic wrap so cleaning up afterwards is easy.

Once you have made the oshizushi a weight needs to be left on it overnight. I use a 1.5 litre plastic bottle filled with water.

For the recipe on how to make oshizushi please go to Oshizushi Recipe.


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