Total Solar Eclipse 87% coverage

10:27AM local standard time
This is what the solar eclipse revealed, a solar eclipse through cloud cover. Still spectacular but fifteen minutes later and the sun was clear surrounded with blue skies and the occasional dot of cloud.

I read that you shouldn’t look at the sun. That’s like telling a child not to eat the biscuit on the plate that is sitting in front of the child.
Tempting. Could you refuse?
I looked up about how to see the eclipse without hurting my eyes. I came across the eclipse projector.

Eclipse projector

2 pieces of card
1 pin

Pierce one card in the centre with a pin.
Stand with your back to the sun during a solar eclipse.
Hold one card in each hand.
Hold the card with the hole closest to the sun and line up the card so that the other card is in shadow.
You should be able to see an image of the eclipse reflected onto the card furthest from the sun.

Two cards held up to the eclipse. You can see the shadow of the serrated edge of the card closest to the sun.

Image of the sun projected onto the card.

Does a solar eclipse help or hinder fishing?
Helps a lot!
The solar eclipse occurs during a new moon which is a great time for fishing. We went out fishing yesterday and had our best catch ever. One day either side of the new moon is supposed to be best. We were also able to view a spectacular thunder and lightening display from the boat looking at the Auckland coastline. Better than Guy Fawkes Day celebrations.We discovered that there was a hail storm when we checked a newspaper online once on dry land. We only got a little rain once we decided to return to shore otherwise we were in bright sunshine and blue skies. Oh and the water was the calmest ever, like floating over maple syrup. I had French toast for brunch so I had maple syrup on my mind. Little wind also. The weather can be so different out to sea and on land. Yesterday I witnessed first hand how visually it was so.


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