A whale of a tail

The photographs are in sequence.

Out fishing anchored off Waiheke Island yesterday we spotted a whale. We were fishing for Jack mackerel and snapper. Excitement took over and I just had to get my camera. That was not forthcoming so my phone became the next option. In nature you don’t get a lot of time to take photos so I went for a record rather than the best shot.
It was much bigger than our boat, the sound of air escaping the blowhole was noisier than a neighbouring boat’s excitement when catching a fish. It’s gracefulness appeared effortless. It didn’t surface completely.  There was very little time to observe. I have no idea what size it was.
On reflection after it passed I thought about the danger side of getting too close to the whale. We were anchored so there wasn’t much chance of getting out the way in a hurry. It was a pleasant encounter.
The seas are for all. No matter how big one feels there will always be a bigger fish in the sea.

What kind of whale was it?
– No idea.
What was the length of the whale?
– No idea.
How many whales were there?
– At least one.
Are you sure that it was a whale?
– No.
Was it spectacular?
– It sure was.
Will you have your camera at arm’s length for next time?
– I sure will.


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