Fish balls galore

I much prefer making my own fish balls. Sure it is a bit of work removing the bones but it is definitely worth it.I was very much tempted to buy some the other day from the frozen section of an Asian supermarket but when I read on the back of the packet for the ingredients I was put off by the preservatives and flavouring so I declined. This was before the big haul.

I plan to use the fish balls for noodle soups.

Fish ball Recipe

enough meat scraped from fresh mackerel or snapper
2 sprigs fresh coriander (optional)
2 cloves garlic
1 T cornflour
salt and pepper

Scrape the meat off the fish with the back of a spoon. I haven’t told you how much to prepare as it depends on how much you catch or buy from the market.
You either like the smell and taste of coriander or you you don’t. There is no middle road with this herb. I happen to love it.

Place all the ingredients into a food processor.
I like to add the garlic first. Give it a chance to chop up well. Then I add the rest. The coriander I roughly chop first before adding.
Wet your hands and roll into balls.
Place on a tray.
Once frozen transfer them to a plastic resealable bag so that they are free flowing and easy to use for later.

*Note that the fish balls are raw when frozen.


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