Holy mackerel on ice

The fish were biting yesterday. Up until now we have only caught one fish between the two of us. I repeat one fish between the two of us. Sad but true. Something obviously hadn’t been working. Sure we are novices not only on the boat but also with fishing too. I can remember fishing when I was little. I remember getting up early and I remember the waiting, the anticipation. I remember I caught a dogfish once. (A very small shark.) I haven’t picked up a rod and reel again until now. The lack of fish in my diet spurred me. Eating what you catch. Extravagance supremo.

We brought our chilly bin and one bag of salt ice for the catch. I wish we had brought more ice. Murphy’s law, bring plenty and you don’t need it, bring less and you end up needing more. I would have been happier with more. I didn’t want to jinks it so we just brought one bag of the salt ice with us.

Mackerel came off the hook and into the chilly bin. Excitement turned quickly into a state of “oh another one.” I’ve gotten over the hurdle of feeling sorry for the fish when killing it. I think of it as food now and I am able to remove the hook from the mouth of the fish with one gloved hand holding the fish and the other with the pliers. I feel that my fishing skill has reached a new level of competence.  I am able to accept the sacrifice that the fish is making it allowing me to make a meal of it. I am also grateful to the fish for supplying food.

I was thinking of all the recipes I could make, I was so busy thinking how to cook them that I lost count of the number of fish that we caught. We caught many small undersized snapper but we threw them back. We managed to get two reasonable sized snapper but it was the mackerel that excited me the most as I had bought the hooks especially for catching them. I changed the hooks I was using to a smaller size with sparkly threads, SABIKI,  and cut the bait of squid to a smaller size and hey the fish were liking it.

Now I know that a lot of people don’t consider mackerel to be fish worth eating but I beg to differ. They only use it for bait to catch bigger fish. I would rather eat it. Today I am not interested in catching a marlin or a big game fish. I suppose I am looking at it from the angle of eating what I catch. I couldn’t imagine cutting up a large tuna on my own.  Tomorrow I may feel differently. I am just getting used to filleting and preparing the smaller fish and that is a big enough challenge for now.

Snapper:  2
Mackerel: 16
Catch Total: 18 (yay!!!!!) Best day ever!

How I cooked or prepared the fish to follow in upcoming posts.


2 thoughts on “Holy mackerel on ice

    • Thank you very much. I am on cloud eleven at the moment. I thank the hooks, the hour and the fish finding technology that we use. Who knew I had skills in fishing? (I hoped that I did.)

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