Luna Rossa boat launch

Early this morning I was greeted by the sight of the Luna Rossa boat on the water. A beautiful colour contrast to the particularly gray weather and dull surrounding structures. I look forward to seeing it in action when it leaves the marina on Wednesday.
The weather did improve and it became a lovely day with blue skies. Water was calm and the water temperature was 15.6 degrees Celsius. I even saw one madman dive off his boat into the water for a swim. I don’t think that is warm enough. I swam in the waters in Dunedin in summer when I was knee high but now I know better or I’m getting soft.
I am really into red at the moment and so I approve of the design above the waterline.
I even treated myself to a red G Shock GB 6900 4JF watch with bluetooth technology which connects with my iphone. Can’t wait to link the two devices. Did I mention I liked gadgets? I bought that so I didn’t have to worry about my watch getting wet. Bluetooth was a bonus.


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