House Battery


So this is the view of our batteries, in OFF position.

Turn the START and the HOUSE knobs 90 degrees to ON position.
Then turn on the engine.
Untie the boat.
And away you go.

Tie up the boat.
Turn off the engine.
Turn the battery off by turning the knobs to the OFF position as shown above.

Only if we had a flat battery would be use the middle knob. That is why it is for EMERGENCIES only.

Why is it called a HOUSE Battery when it is on a boat? It is really for the electronics, like the electric head, the GPS, Fishfinder, lighting and so forth. I supposed I have answered my own question. The boat is the home. Perhaps it should be called the HOME Battery?

Did you turn off your battery?


2 thoughts on “House Battery

  1. Hi Midori Lantern. Enjoying your blog. I should forward the link to all my family and friends who ask endless questions about the nitty-gritty of boat life. Your explanations are interesting and fun and your photos are lovely. I like your battery haiku!! On our boat there’s always ‘Did you switch the battery to domestic?’ ‘Turn the battery’. ‘Switch to engine’. A mantra. So why the name Midori Lantern? I lived in Japan for three years in the mid-1990s, so I’m intrigued. And where are you (I have to admit I’ve only started browsing through your blog, so if you’ve already explained all of this, I apologise). Martina

    • Hi Martina, I’m enjoying reading your blog too. Feeling slightly sorry for Moby. Sorry for the slow response. I have been away from the computer. And dare I say it. It has been bliss. First time in I can’t remember.
      The name Midori Lantern… I just wanted something nautical with a twist. Not like the drink Midori. I used it for the colour green as you suspected. I also lived in Japan for a while too. In New Zealand for now. Waiting for the wind to pick up and sail over the horizon. Need to learn how to sail first so there’ll be no rush.

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