How do you check the wind?

I check which way the wind is blowing by looking at the New Zealand flags on the Auckland Harbour Bridge.
That is fine if the flags are there. Last week there were no flags. So that threw a spanner in the works!
Today the flags are there. What a relief!
What was the story? Lost dry cleaning tag?
Who cares.  They are back.


2 thoughts on “How do you check the wind?

  1. When we were in Ireland we flew an Irish courtesy flag. I relied on it to tell me where the wind was coming from. We’ve taken the flag down now, and figuring out the wind is tough. We need more international sailing so I can have my reliant courtesy flag back.

    • I just screen printed a flag with a fish on it. Got to put it together next. Want to get my colours right for the back side or I will have quarantine inspectors or the coastguard coming to the rescue. One fish, two fish red fish, blue fish. Black fish with a red background on one side, undecided for the back.
      International sailing. I did parasailing off the back of a boat in Hawaii. Does that count? …Didn’t think so. The Greek Islands would be nice.
      Where will you go for your next international sailing trip?

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