Boat flares and sunscreen

Boat flares, loo paper, sunscreen, batteries and antibacterial liquid…
What do these all have in common?
They are all stored on the same shelf and they are some of the necessities for day tripping boats.

Loo paper for wipes (wrapped in plastic to protect against moisture)
Sunscreen to keep the sunburn away,
Powerboat Flares for the unfortunate time when you need to communicate to someone when you are in need of serious help, (placed in a watertight plastic container) (1 x orange smoke flare, 2 x red handheld flare)
Batteries for spare for the torch, (placed in a plastic bag twice to protect against salt, moisture and corrosive damage)
Antibacterial liquid for washing your hands after fishing

Sunscreen should be applied more than once on a day trip. Every 2-3 hours.
But if in doubt, cover up, wear a hat and sunglasses, and stay in the shade.

Batteries have expiry dates. Check the side of them carefully.  MM/YY
If they have never been used they will still work but they won’t last as long as a new up-to-date battery. This is something to watch out for. So always use the older ones first.

Flares also have expiry dates. Hopefully you will never need to use them. But do you know how?

Please note: I have never set off a flare so take my suggestions with caution.
If in doubt read the label instructions before you need to use flares.
I take no responsibility for your misuse of your flare. Please take the time to do your own research into flares and how and when to use them.
Safe boating.

  • *For DAY use
  • Burn time 60 seconds
  • 3 year expiry date

Hold the flare downwind, outside the boat
Remove base cap
Pull cord
Remember the burn time is only 60 seconds

  • For day or NIGHT use
  • Bright red magnesium light
  • Burn time 60 seconds

Hold the flare downwind, outside the boat
Remove the cap, in one pull, twist, fire, can be lit with one hand

If you have multiple flares, fire one as soon as you are in trouble, then use the other flare at attract the searcher’s attention.


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