Rubber ducky weather buoy

Some people have fluffy dice, lucky charms or religious paraphernalia on the dashboards or wrapped around the mirror of their cars. I have a rubber duckie on the “dashboard” of my boat. It is a special wee duckie. It is temperature sensitive. When the duck is hot it’s pink, when it feels cold it goes purple. It is an easy glance at it to see if the weather has changed.
The sea was calm when we left the harbour today. Ducky was PINK. But an hour an a half later after a packed lunch and a leisurely time the weather turned rough with white capped waves. We decided to return earlier than planned.
Life jackets were put on.
Why do they make you feel more secure?
They did the trick.
I had salt encrusted sunglasses with the splashes. That was a first. The salty sea spray bounced off the front deck and everywhere. We made it back safely to harbour. There will always be tomorrow to boat again.
Ducky was PURPLE on arrival in the harbour.


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