Low Water at a Spring Tide

FULL MOON, NEW MOON maketh a SPRING TIDE. This is when the sun, the earth and the moon are alined and the high tides are higher than normal and the low tides are lower than normal. Add this with SUNSET or SUNRISE then you get a higher chance of catching fish.

LAST QUARTER, FIRST QUARTER (HALF MOONS) maketh a NEAP TIDE.  This is when the sun and the moon are separated by a 90 degree angle when viewed from earth. The tides are less extreme.

New Zealand Coastguard Auckland Tides

There are two high tides and two low tides each day in most places of the world.

An EBB TIDE is a tide that is GOING OUT. (On a chart the ebb tide arrow is plain)

A FLOOD TIDE is a tide that is COMING IN. (On a chart the flood tide arrow has FEATHERS on one end.)

A TIDAL STREAM is the horizontal movement of the sea when it moves from high to low water areas and back again. Tidal streams in a narrow channel cause the tide to move faster. This can be dangerous for small boats especially when the wind is blowing against the tide.
A North Tidal Stream flows NORTH.

Tides4fishing.com for Auckland Tides

Tides4fishing.com makes a very visual chart for the tides from a fishing angle. New Moon is on September 16 and we can see on the right hand side that there are three fishes, optimum chance to catch a fish or two.
September 10, which is closer to the Neap Tide looks unpromising if you were fishing.

Why are Tide Tables so important?
So you can measure the depth of the sea, at a particular time of day.
So you don’t run into anything that you cannot see, like rocks, cables, sand bars, buried treasure,…
The depth of the water is measured from the Chart Datum.

*Daylight saving  ADD an hour, but read the table first it may already be adjusted.


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