We had a boat when were growing up. It was a dinghy, well we called it a dinghy. There was no larger vessel that we went to and fro from, although, we did journey from land from A and back to A, never getting to B. We went up and down the stream at the bottom of the garden and back again. The width of the stream was not wide enough for it to turn around so we went up and down forwards and backwards. We pushed off the banks to launch ourselves in the direction we wanted to go. When we weren’t using it, it was lifted out of the water and turned upside down and stored until the next adventure. There was a very low tunnel which went under a road at one end of the stream and I remember being too scared to venture beyond the tunnel. Spiders and eels were lurking in the back of my mind. That plus the thought of getting stuck halfway and not being able to turn around. Perhaps the larger vessel was on the other side of the tunnel?  Weather and tides were not an issue. We painted the boat blue. We named it Bluebird. I remember wearing one of Dad’s old shirts and my gumboots painting the boat and it’s surroundings. I enjoyed every moment.


Origins: Bengali or Urdu from the word dingi meaning little boat

A dinghy is a boat 2-6m in length that you row or steer that allows you to travel from your larger vessel to elsewhere, be it land or to another vessel. It can be a row boat or it can be equipped with an outboard motor.
A dinghy is tendered to a larger vessel. The dinghy has the same name as the larger vessel but with T/T written before. T/T means tendered to.
For example if the larger vessel is called Knot Me then the dinghy would be named T/T Knot Me. On an inflatable dinghy the name or registration number is written on the inside of the transom. Or with a hard dinghy it is written on the bow.

A dinghy is also the name of a small racing yacht.

I did see my ideal boat today for the first time, right up close and personal. I looked at it and gulped at the thought of traveling the oceans in it. Today I may not be ready but every day from now is a day closer to living that dream, sailing the ocean blue without a care in the world.  I also drove past Sailor’s Grave Road and was brought back to reality that not all that sailing is a picnic on a calm sea. My feet may be firmly on the ground but I can have my head in the clouds.

What’s my ideal boat?
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 42DS


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