Figure Eight Knot

NAME:   Figure Eight Knot, also known as the Figure of Eight Knot, Flemish Knot, Savoy Knot, Double Stopper


WHEN: Stopper knot. To prevent a rope from sliding through a lead or a block/pulley. Often seen at the end of a jib sheet in sailing.  For tying the hook length to the end of your mainline in fishing. An alert to let you know the the end of the rope is near. To stop your rope from unraveling. Easy to untie.

Figure Eight On a Bight
Figure Eight Follow Through
In Line Figure Eight
Figure Eight Double Loop
Directional Figure Eight

MANTRA: Over, Under, Over, Through

Does it matter if a knot is tied the reverse way? The mirror image of the original way? As in flipping the starting point from left to right.


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