The wake

Isn’t there something hypnotic looking back at the wake of your boat?
The lure of the sea. Guiding you out into the abyss, or onto the rocks? No wait they are the sirens. A wake doesn’t always occur as a result of a death.
That is until you ride over the wake of another boat, a much bigger boat than your own. The difference between sipping champagne on your boat, smiling, eyes closed worshiping the sun to being in the drink clinging to the side of the boat in your automatically inflating PFD (personal flotation device, not PDF as in portable document file), hopefully it has inflated. I do wonder about mine. I know I can inflate it manually but you have got to wonder, will it work?
The strongest drink I’ve had on the boat so far is a thermos of tea, with milk sugar and cinnamon. So I made that up about the champagne. I haven’t christened the boat smashing a bottle of champagne on the bow, what a waste. I can’t take my eye off the sea, I love it but I don’t trust it. At the moment I want to be alert and notice everything. Be prepared.

Being on the sea is a bit like playing golf. No course will ever be the same. But being at sea has the potential to be more dangerous than golf unless you are playing golf in a thunderstorm surrounded by trees. I’m just being silly now. You know what I meant.

Have I figured out which way to point the boat to make it smooth when another boat’s wake approaches….no, not yet. But I’m still standing. I like to stand while I steer the boat. I have a hat firmly on too. It doesn’t make me feel like Captain Jack Sparrow but it makes me feel free, until I get cramp in my leg, then I have to sit down. But for those moments, it is all worth it. The cramp happen once okay.
Riding the wake as a pro will be a lesson that will need to be learnt quickly or it will be a bumpy ride.

How do you handle other boats’ wakes?

RULE: Recreational craft must avoid a wake if it would cause a danger to anyone or risk of damage to property. Reduce your speed to 5 knots or less when passing close to other boats in a marina.


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